A photographic journey around the globe, which gives a voice to the people the artist happens to meet and which documents, in its own way, the impact of climate change on different communities around the world. Taken from the book of the same name.

Show us your mascouche

Local residents were invited to submit a photo that represented what Mascouche meant to them, from which a jury then made a choice according to specific criteria.

Markings and Fragments

An appropriation by the artist, of the ground markings spotted during her wanderings on Dollard Avenue, between 2019 and 2021, to which she added ephemeral traces from her artistic practice.

The Arts and the City

The Arts and the City Artpublix is pleased to announce its association with Les Arts et la Ville for its Culture and Development Award. This award recognizes an achievement that stands out by its significant contribution to the development of local culture. Artpublix is thus clearly demonstrating its commitment to promoting the potential of the …

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La Tohu

This exhibition was designed with a sound component. Each panel became an amplification system allowing to accompany each photo with an individual sound composition.